UNO becomes the Scott Campus

It was definitely time for the University of Nebraska South campus to recognize Walter Scott Jr. for all the money he has invested in the school. The university would not become what it is today if it were not for this man. He definitely made sure the campus would go places in terms of building its buildings. Since 1990, he has given more than $220 million in support of the University of Nebraska and it would be hard to find another man or woman for that matter who would give the same amount of money for the school. It was only right they named the south campus after him. He deserves it more than anyone who has ever worked for that school. In fact, he leads all the people who have donated to the school by a wide margin.


The money he donated were used for scholarships for students who deserved it and for additional school facilities. All schools definitely need more facilities as there is no such school who does not need more facilities in them. In fact, a lot of students are aware of the contributions of Scott and a lot of them would not have studied there if it were not for the scholarships available. You can only imagine what the school is like if there were not much students enrolled in it. It would not look appealing to people who would want to enroll in it.


Some students were even using the name informally but now the name is official and students don’t have to get conscience whenever they blurt out the name. You will rarely see a person bring so much generosity to his alma mater as much as Walter Scott Jr. has done for the University of Nebraska. It won’t be a matter of time before they build a statue for him. The students know Scott and it would not be a surprise if they dedicate a day for this guy. He has brought so much to the school and it would feel great for everyone involved if he would be honored even more than he is now. Words can’t describe how much he has brought to the school.

There is little doubt as to there would be students who would argue about the name change. If ever there will be some then they would get confronted by the students who were granted scholarships in the University of Nebraska. There are a lot of students who were granted scholarships and they all deserved it because they are all smart. There will actually be a public event celebrating the name change which is big because they are showing how much the name change means to the school. If they change the name without having an event then it means it is not that important to them. However, that is clearly not the case so it means they are focusing on making everyone involved with the school know about the name change so they could refer to it by the new name in the future. It won’t be long before they get used to calling it by the new name. There will definitely be media on hand during the public event of the school so people who graduated from the school a long time ago will be able to know about the name change. The Scott Foundation provided new amenities to the school including a cafeteria, technology center, dorm and a conference center.